This week an especially dedicated purveyor of birther lies, a Dean Haskins, proposed a "Birther Summit," a 3-day extravaganza with movement leaders holding a round table conference on Day One to craft a cohesive message; a "massive" rally in D.C. on Day Two with a keynote by patriot deserter Terry Lakin; and a "lobbying" day on Day Three to bring the issue to legislators.

A few problems:
  • It's not a movement and there are no leaders to speak of
  • Those that there are, are suing each other and not on speaking terms, or are allergic to sharing the spotlight, or both
  • There is no evidence of any electoral fraud or Social Security fraud by an Obama
  • The two primary schools of thought -- Hawaii-denialists and Vattelists -- are mutually contradictory, as well as unsupported by any evidence
  • A 'massive' birther turnout in D.C. would be 10-15 people, including their own videographers
  • Lakin has the crowd-pleasing charisma of gravel.
But still, they should go for it. I have plenty of popcorn.


Posted after Orly Taitz, who has not yet been disbarred, reported having been accosted by a
patriot in an elevator in a California courthouse, and reamed out for her crazy law suits and
bad lawyering. Orly had a mad, hoo boy!


Posted after Jerome Corsi reached such a point of desperation with the lagging sales of "Where's
The Birth Certificate" that he abandoned the entire eligibility movement in favor of libeling and
defaming random private individuals who post on theFogbow.com.